Who doesn’t love the summer? It is the time to finally put down your pen, shut down your computer and head out to the vacation you were looking forward to for a while. Many would argue, that if you don’t snap a picture and share it on your social channels, it is like you’ve never been on vacation! We agree as it means we get to see all of your beautiful happy faces enjoying our stylish vacation apartments.

Summer of 2018 has been so far such a great season filled with sunshine, striking poses and inspirational shots, made by you – our beloved guests. Take a look at the amazing top 10 photos we got to enjoy from so far:

@sabrinacsari in ParisSummer photo Paris

Sabrina is enjoying her fresh delivered breakfast on her balcony, just before going for a stroll in the gorgeous Paris.

Take another look at this apartment: http://bit.ly/2vfeVMh

@daniela.po_ in ParisSummer photo Paris

Daniela is enjoying a summer fruit in style!

Check out the chic apartment she stayed in: http://bit.ly/2OWsngn

@laramartingilarranz in Barcelona Summer photo Barcelona

Lara is enjoying her glass of champagne and the Spanish view, are you jealous yet?

Take a look at that view: http://bit.ly/2BBnhoa

@camilacaramaschi in RomeSummer photo Rome

Camila is looking for an Italian inspiration while sitting outside on the greenest balcony.
Do you want to see how green it really is? Click here: http://bit.ly/2BI2TBU

@jull7777 in ParisSummer photo Paris

Julien took advantage of the gorgeous natural lighting to snap a photo of his morning Nespresso coffee.

This apartment has a sauna and a theater room, check it out: http://bit.ly/2LecyiN

@tamaradobrychlop in Lisbon Summer photo in Lisbon

Tamara took a stunning photo that completely says: I woke up like this!

Take a look at the gorgeous apartment this was taken at: http://bit.ly/2wiBYqf

@alexcloset in BarcelonaSummer photo in Barcelona

Alex is defiantly enjoying summer in this photo!

This is just a sneak peek of what her apartment looked like, see more here: http://bit.ly/2o0WqIq

@nicolasdenoun in ParisSummer photo in Paris

Nicolas is enjoying the scenery from his Persian balcony.

Take a look yourself: http://bit.ly/2vfeVMh

@lenamahfouf in Barcelona Summer photo in Barcelona

Lena is taking a break in her sunny Barcelona apartment. We would use the hammock instead of the bed, and you?

Explore more of this authentic Spanish apartment: http://bit.ly/2BA3CVp

@eleonoramilano in RomeSummer photo in Rome

Elenora is showing you what summer is all about: rooftop, jacuzzi, and bubbles.

You should see the rest of this breathtaking penthouse: http://bit.ly/2Ps3ytL

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