Making an evening, or an afternoon, into a romantic rendezvous takes some planning, especially in a foreign land or even a city outside your area code. Just because a place – be it a restaurant or a bar – deems itself ‘romantic’ on Google, doesn’t mean you’ll find it so. And anyway, who said only places where you can wine & dine are romantic? What happened to the great outdoors, to experiences that nourish the body & mind in a different fashion than simply through the digestive system? It’s not that easy task though, finding these unique, romantic experiences.

Well, we decided to take the task upon ourselves, curating a list of some of Europe’s most romantic spots that offer a different kind of experience for you and her, or you and him. A few spots that evoke a lovin’ mood in a non-sitting-at-a-table manner.

We asked our local teams to suggest their favorite romantic spots in the cities they live in. They know best, the same way you know your city best. So here it is, Sweet Inn’s most romantic list ever.

Happy Valentine’s everyone.

LISBON – Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte

One of the highest points in Lisbon, where locals go to see the sunset. A special and beautiful spot to appreciate… one another.

You’ll enjoy a picture-perfect scene spread in front of you of a bridge merging with a river while the sky above fills with myriad colors. There’s usually live music playing, and lots of wine bottles carried up by dreamy-eyed couples.

Address: Monte de São Gens

PARIS – Musée de la Vie Romantique



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Finding a romantic spot in Paris is both incredibly easy and remarkably difficult. After all, this is a city made for romance. So how about a stroll through a museum dedicated to the romantic flair that is so identified with Paris.

We know, a museum isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when planning a Valentine’s date. But wait till you stroll through this one. It’s tiny. It’s hidden. It’s in pastel pink and green. And it’s in the Montmartre. It’s an intimate experience and what is Valentine’s if not a dose of intimacy?

Address: 16 Rue Chaptal, 75009

BARCELONA – AIRE Ancient Baths

A modern spa with ancient baths that offers a different experiences for couples. The place is softly-lit, serene and just drop-dead-gorgeous. That’s even before you slowly descend into the therapeutic waters.

Personally we can’t think of anything more romantic than sharing a bath with your loved one; AIRE has really taken this concept to a whole new level. Just go.

Address: Paseo Picasso, 22 – 08003

MADRID – Templo de Debod

Think a 2nd century BC Egyptian temple… in Madrid! Unimaginable, but real. We’re not going to get into the details of how this remarkable feat was achieved, we’re just going to let your imagination run wild – until you actually go there. And you should. Oh yes, you should.

It’s probably one of the most romantic spots anywhere, especially at night when the whole place is lit up and you can see the reflection of the ancient stones in the water around it. Be Cleopatra, be Pharaoh, just be.

Address: Calle Ferraz, 1, 28008

ROME – The Casina Valedier restaurant



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We know we snubbed eateries as romantic clichés, but hey – this is Rome! And if you’ve been to Rome you know the food there is most definitely sizzling with love.

A superb restaurant in a  majestic building, it is one of the most fascinating places in the city, a step away from the Spanish Steps. The views all around are simply breathtaking, and if you manage to be seated on the terrace you’ll feel one with the city. Just don’t forget about your date across the table from you.

Address: Piazza Bucarest, Villa Borghese, Roma

MILAN – Giacomo Arengario

OK, we give up – in Italy restaurants do hold the essence of romance. This one, same as its Roman sister, is a heavenly mix of fine, fine food and an exceptional view.

You can almost touch the Duomo di Milano just outside the restaurant’s windows, which, frankly speaking, is one of the architectural wonders of all time. Dress up, listen to your favorite aria while you do, and come ready for an unforgettable evening.

Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi 1

TEL-AVIV – ThePark Ha’Yarkon

Since Tel-Aviv offers a very non-European winter, how about a picnic in a green and sunny  park with a river running through it? Park Ha’Yarkon, situated in the north part of Tel-Aviv, is the perfect spot for winter sun-bathing.

Before you hit the park, stop by the Farmer’s Market in Tel-Aviv port. Fill your basket with fresh & local delicacies, don’t forget to pick up a wine bottle and try to not to finish all the treats before you get to the park.  

Address: Park Ha’Yarkon (that’s what you should say to the cab driver)

JERUSALEM – The View of the Old City from the Cinematheque

Is history romantic? Well, we think it could be (of course depending on the circumstances). In this case, the view from the Jerusalem Cinematheque – definitely.

So head to the Cinematheque in Jerusalem. Most important thing: don’t buy movie tickets. Instead, stroll down the cobblestone road and you’ll see it – the achingly beautiful Old City and its surrounding wall lit at night right in front of you over the Gehenna Valley. That’s all you’ll need. Just sit. And look.

Address: Hebron Rd 11

BRUSSELS- The Bois de la Cambre

A gorgeous park. A lake. A tiny island in its middle. A tiny island? Can you think of anything more romantic than a tiny island?

Bois de la Cambre is truly a hidden gem of Brussels. You can even rent a small row boat to ‘cruise’ the lake. And if that doesn’t do it for you as far as igniting some romance, stop by the Pony Club. It’s arguably for kids, but it’s also arguably date-worth. Tiny island, tiny horses – your Valentine’s is sure to be pretty much close to perfect.

Address: 50°48’03.0″N 4°22’58.0″E

LONDON – Penhaligon’s

Scent is sensual. So for this Valentine’s, surprise your loved one with an intoxicating experience of fragrances.

Penhaligon’s offers a truly unique experience blending especially for you two handcrafted scents, while you enjoy tea, biscuits and champagne. You’ll walk out smelling heavenly, with a two-of-a-kind souvenirs to relive that very special Valentine’s.

Address: various locations in London (see link)