Who doesn’t love ice cream? It doesn’t matter what season it is, we can always find a reason to round off a meal with some of this delectable dessert. Italy is renowned for its incredible gelato, and Milan is easily one of the best cities to participate in this divine experience like no other.

How can you best experience Milan through its fantastic gelato? First, start by creating a list of must-visit gelaterias in Milan – oh wait, we just did that for you – see below. Done. Secondly, in order to enjoy these exceptional spots, you should book a stylish vacation apartment in a great location in the city so you can just pop downstairs and be at a gelateria within a short walk or bus ride.

Are you ready for your mouth-watering adventures in gelato? Here are our top 5 incomparable ice cream spots in Milan:

La Bottega del GelatoLa Bottega del Gelato Milan

La Bottega del Gelato has been around since 1964 and was passed down two generations. Since 1970, when they received their first award, they continued snagging awards each year for their top-notch quality and singular flavors. Their ice cream lab is part of the store so you can observe how they produce everything by hand. They only use the highest quality of ingredients – the newest eggs, freshly ground coffee beans, as well as (of course) fresh and dried fruit. We recommend sampling their fruit filled with ice cream – it’s the very definition of freshness and sweetness.

Via Pergolesi, 3  20124 Milano

Cioccolat ItalianiCioccolat Italiani Milan

This gelateria the first Italian concept place completely dedicated to the world of chocolate! Founded back in 2009, the goal of Cioccolat Italiani is to become the voice of chocolate. Their incredible chocolate gelatos are composed of their signature cones, creative cups, and gourmet ice-creams. Along with their very tall cones, which are dipped into various flavors of chocolate, you can find one of their signature dishes: ‘The Thousand leaves of Sicily’ – a layered ice cream sandwich, with various chocolate rice krispies treats on the side. This place is a must if you adore the combination of gelato with chocolate.

Via Morimondo, 26 20143  Milano

GromGrom Milan

Since 2002, Grom is a proud establishment in search of the best that the world of agriculture can offer, following a set of basic yet strict principles: they will use fruit harvested only when completely ripe, coming from the best Italian produces and with absolutely no use of dyes, flavorings, or emulsifiers. They launched a special lab where they experiment with all of the products and create exceptional all-natural flavors and textures. And now you can enjoy their gelato even in the comfort of your vacation apartment: Grom’s team of culinary geniuses succeeded in creating ice cream to go (without any additives!).

Via A. da Giussano, 1  20145 Milano

Amorino Amorino Milan

Founded in the early two thousand by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi and originally located in the center of Paris. Soon after, they expanded to a few other locations, including Milan. This cool place is another proud member of the ‘using only natural ingredients’ club. They work only with all-fresh, organic and vegan produce. We propose trying their Bliss Box – only one very small 1100ml tub of gelato (?!) and 3 toppings: salted butter caramel, dark chocolate, and gianduja. (For those of you new to the world of desserts – that’s a chocolate paste flavored with ground hazelnuts.) The Bliss Box was created to be shared with others, but we won’t judge if you order it only for yourself to bliss out on 🙂

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano

Bianco LatteBianco Latte Milan

This sweet spot serves all kind of dishes, but we highly recommend you go for their milky ice cream. They make their gelato daily in their on-site laboratory. It’s ready from 11:00 am so you just know it’s bursting with freshness and flavor. They boast a healthier type of ice-cream (without hydrogenated fats), made only with selected raw materials, latte fresco (fresh milk) and heaps of raw seasonal fruit. You should definitely try their ice-cream cup, composed of biscuits, ice cream, fruit and pure happiness. Mmm… delicious.

Via Turati, 30 Milano

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