Organizing a trip that will make both children and adults happy is no easy task. “Are we there yet?”, “I’m hungry!”, “I’m bored!”, “I’m tired!” or even the classic “I want my bed!” never seem to end. Added to these frustrations are the hotel fold-up bed that won’t open, the teddy that goes missing, the hired stroller that never arrived, and the bottle-warmer that doesn’t work. Sound familiar to you? No need to panic! We have a tailor-made solution for travelling with children in comfort and ease. Get all the benefits of a hotel while enjoying the comforts of home — not to mention higher quality at a lower price!
Here are 4 reasons to choose Sweet Inn for your next family vacation:

1. Comfort for every Member of the Family–Big and Small

The SAINT LAZARE Apartment Bedroom is perfectly suited for children
The SAINT LAZARE Apartment Bedroom is perfectly suited for children

Sleeping in a hotel room with children can often be a challenge. The concept of privacy gives way to a jumble of objects, teddies, and a mass of toys among mom and dad’s belongings. The bathroom, once a place for relaxing and pampering, suddenly becomes a laundry room. At times like this, we only want one thing: the orderliness of home where every member of the family has their own space.

Staying with Sweet Inn guarantees each person their own living space and privacy. Forget the standard, squeaky fold-up bed that takes over the room and choose the comfort of a spacious, multi-bedroom apartment that satisfies everyone. Most importantly, both little ones and their parents sleep in beds that suit their size — and we all know that the comfort of our sweethearts is priceless. There’s even space in the bed for teddy!

2. A Solution Adapted to your Children’s Needs and Rhythms

A delicious family breakfast delivered by Sweet Inn when it suits you

There’s no denying it. Children have a different pace. Even if they’re the first to delight in breaking bedtime rules, they quickly need to find their points of reference again. Breakfast, snack-time and the evening routine can become a real headache for parents when traveling. Especially when the hot chocolate isn’t hot enough, the toast “isn’t like normal” or dinner meals, usually so calm, are held in a room with 100 other people!

Sweet Inn is aware of these small but important details. That’s why we ensure each of our apartments is equipped to make you feel right at home (Nespresso machines, kitchen utensils, microwaves, toasters, fridges, ovens etc.). You can easily prepare yourself a meal whenever you wish! And what could be nicer than allowing yourselves a family lie-in with the certainty that no-one will refuse to serve you breakfast after 10.30 am?

3. Services that Meet your Needs for a Serene Vacation

A happy family enjoying the ease of an airport transfer provided by Sweet Inn

Parents often say that “it isn’t a real vacation being bored in an apartment.” Dad has to do the food shopping, and Mom has to prepare breakfast. Unfortunately, these tedious chores lead us quickly back to the daily routines we are trying to escape on vacation.

To save you time and introduce you to the local gastronomy, Sweet Inn has thought of everything! You can order breakfast delivered directly to your apartment, have your fridge filled with groceries upon arrival (milk, yogurt, butter, orange juice…) or even request a personal chef to make you an unforgettable family dinner right at home!

At last, a mobile app that allows you to chat directly with a guest relations agent 24/7 and 7/7 to order services and get great insider tips — the best pizzeria in the area, must-see shows, the best things to do with your children, the closest bank, museum opening times and more. Sweet Inn is at your service to ensure you have the best trip possible!

4. A More Authentic Travel Experience– Live like a Local

Parents will love having the comforts of home in a central location!

Whatever the destination, Sweet Inn takes you behind the scenes to experience how a true local lives. You’ll find yourself in the heart of the city, discovering the neighborhood, the streets and the shops as if you were a resident. This makes for a more unique and inspiring vacation for everyone! Also, unlike in hotels where all the rooms are alike, each Sweet Inn apartment has its own character. Inspired by the specific heritage and architecture of each area, our local interior designers decorate each apartment in homage to its external surroundings. A loft apartment overlooking the sea in Barcelona looks nothing like a Duplex on The Champs Elysées in Paris. The hardest choice is deciding which destination to explore first!

Are you planning on traveling with your children in the near future? Do you want to enjoy both the comfort of an apartment and hotel conveniences while you discover the best of the city? Choose the holiday apartment of your dreams and travel worry-free with Sweet Inn.

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