As Sweet Inn is taking over Italy and expanding to Milan, Federico, the City

Manager of Rome can now be called ” The Country Manager!”

Federico, our City/Country Manager for Italy
Federico, our City/Country Manager for Italy

What is the role of a Country Manager?

The City Manager has to oversees several aspects of the business.  First, he or she manages the team, budget and costs. One of the most important duties of the City Manager is to motivate the team by setting challenges, dealing with their expectations and being a role model for all.  In addition, he/she needs to monitor and maintain the highest quality in the following areas: home, cleaning, maintenance, and online reviews., The City Manager oversees every aspect of the business.

A typical day for a Country Manager?

Luckily, there is no such thing as a “typical day”- every day is different, and this is what makes the job fun. I usually arrive early, read my emails and plan the day. I have a daily call with my Revenue Manager to analyze the status of the business and work together on new ideas. When I’m not traveling to Milan, I like to look over each aspect of the business- operations, property and maintenance. I often have meetings with external suppliers, with our advisors or with people who would like to collaborate.

What are the main difficulties being a City/Country Manager in Rome and Milan?

I manage both Rome and Milan, and each city has its own peculiarities. In Milan, for example, you have to act very quickly as the market is extremely fluid and fast. It takes only a few days from the time you visit an apartment until the moment you close the deal. In Rome, the competition is fierce and aggressive. It is the second largest Airbnb market in the world so finding good and profitable deals is not very easy, and getting new apartments extremely challenging.

Romagnosi, Sweet Inn's first apartment in Milan
Romagnosi, Sweet Inn’s first apartment in Milan

Why did you decide to become a Country Manager at Sweet Inn?

I still remember the great interview I had with Paul, the Chief Executive Officer.  I was most struck by his clear vision, his goals and all the possible strategies available to reach them. It really motivated me, and it was the first time i saw the top manager of a company who knew exactly where he wanted to go and how to the lead the company there.  The project was perfectly in line with my expectations and I immediately decided to join the team. 

What does it takes to be a good Country Manager at Sweet Inn ?

I have a few rules that I have always followed. Integrity is mandatory. “Walk the talk,” meaning always act as a role model for the team. Cost control is another milestone of foremost importance. Communication is also very important, especially in a complex and multi-national working environment such as this one. The customer is king: always work with that in mind. Last but not least, smile and have fun!

Can you tell us a funny Sweet Inn anecdote ?

Our Lobby in Rome is right next door to a medical center and every day we have several people popping in asking to collect their medical examination. The funniest was when someone once complained for 30 minutes about the quality of the Doctor! It took us a long time to convince him that we had nothing to do with the center!

The lobby in Rome.
The lobby in Rome.

What is your favorite spot in Rome ?

Rome is a fascinating city and has many secret places. I really like to avoid the touristy areas. I really enjoy La Petrilleria, a small wine tasting bar very close to where I live, in northern Rome. A glass of wine and a platter of local cheeses really helps me to recharge my batteries after a tough working day!

La Petrilleria.
La Petrilleria.

Can you define Sweet Inn in 3 words?

Quality – Service – Commitment.

What’s your favorite Sweet Inn apartment and why?

My favorite apartment is always the next one. Because it’s not there yet and I like the challenge of always getting something better.

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