For a while now, apartments with hotel services have been growing in popularity amongst travelers. And with good reason: they’re the perfect solution to discover the town like a local without compromising on hotel conveniences. Sweet Inn has latched onto this trend. Its innovative concept: stylish apartments scattered throughout the city that offer the best of your favorite hotels.
Discover our new type of accommodation in 6 points.

1. A location in the heart of the city

@freepeopleuk looks down on the city from her Parisian apartment on Rue des Archives

You’re not just any tourist. Nowadays, the modern-day traveler wants to discover a city from a local, authentic angle. Experiencing the Dolce Vita in Rome touring on a Vespa or stopping for breakfast in a Trattoria no longer has the same meaning. Instead, to truly immerse yourself in a city’s atmosphere, there’s nothing better than sharing the lifestyle of its inhabitants. With Sweet Inn, you can stay at the heart of the city in one of its typical buildings. You can talk to your neighbours or go to the café next-door to meet the local residents. In a few days, you’ll feel part of this lovely little world as if you’d always lived in it.

2. A locally-inspired interior

One of our Lisbon apartments near Saint George’s Church, decorated by Sweet Inn interior designers

Interior décor has that magic power of making us travel. With Sweet Inn, this journey begins when you choose your apartment. Before it’s rented out, each apartment is renovated and decorated by our teams of interior designers. Their goal is to instil the atmosphere and history of the area into every room. We don’t just offer you a standard hotel room- we give you an apartment with a unique character. Therefore, a villa near the Old City in Jerusalem looks nothing like a three-room apartment near Saint George’s Castle in Lisbon. Your apartment is no longer only a base but also becomes a way to discover the city.

3. A stress-free journey

Guest Relation agent welcoming a guest in our Sweet Inn Parisian Lobby
A Sweet Inn Guest Relation welcoming a guest at our lobby in Paris, located on rue de l’Amiral de Coligny

Renting an apartment from a private individuals can lead to unpleasant surprises. Disappointment, uncleanliness, miscommunication, last-minute cancellations, and your dream holiday can turn into a nightmare. Sweet Inn offers you a valuable guarantee: travelling stress-free. Upon your arrival, a Guest Relations agent will welcome you and remain at your service for the entire duration of your stay. You’ll also be able to visit the Sweet Inn Lobby at the centre of town at any time. There, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our teams, drop off your suitcases, and make use of our Business Centre.

What’s more, unlike Airbnb, Sweet Inn hires out registered properties and -in this way- assures rentals that are 100% legal. To be legal in Paris, for example, the property rentals must be listed as commercial spaces. This significantly distinguishes us, since we insure our apartments and subject them to security regulations (extinguisher, safe etc.) just as in a hotel. So you don’t need to worry- you can sleep safe and sound!

4. The best of hotel accommodation

Paris holiday apartment with hotel services by Sweet Inn
Premium quality linen (towels and sheets) in your Sweet Inn apartment

No-one wants to do the household chores when they’re on holiday. We dream of the cleaning being done for us every day, of our laundry being brought to us washed and ironed, and of a personal chef coming to cook delicious meals for us at home. With Sweet Inn, all this is possible. In fact, all 5* hotel services are available to you: simply ask  your Guest Relation. This is no insignificant advantage for those of us searching for both authenticity and relaxation at the same time.

5. The best of an apartment

apartments with hotel services -Rue-de-Ponthieu-Champs-Elysées-by-sweet-inn
Discover this apartment on Rue de Ponthieu, at the heart of the Champs-Elysées

The advantage of renting an apartment is that you can feel truly “at home”. Forget the stress of what you are or aren’t going to find in a hotel room. Whatever the destination, we’ve designed everything so that the traveller can make him/herself comfortable. Our Sweet Inn apartments are fitted to the most minute detail. Television, iron, hairdryer, Nespresso machine, toaster and bottle-opener…nothing has been forgotten! What could be better than starting your day with an espresso and a few slices of toast in front of your favourite news channel?

6. The perfect blend between hotel and apartment

A garden at the heart of the city- Sweet Inn makes it possible with this apartment Brune I

The blend of hotel and apartment gives you an enormous advantage. On the one hand, you get the conveniences and charm of a private apartment: ideal location, space, customised décor and a completely fitted kitchen. On the other hand, you can enjoy the benefits of a top-of-the-range hotel. These include high-quality bath towels, hotel sheets and bedding, impeccable cleanliness and a 24/7 concierge service. We take care of everything, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Do you want to experience living like a local on your next holiday, without compromising on hotel comfort and safety? Discover the wide range of Sweet Inn apartments with hotel services and our many Sweet Inn destinations.