Feel like having a Sex & The City experience with your girlfriends? We all dream of those girly moments where shopping, relaxation and indulgence take centre stage! Discover the benefits of Sweet Inn apartments and make your girls’ getaway unforgettable!

1. Plan a girls’ party like at home

Girls pyjama party in their Sweet Inn Parisian apartment Ponthieu I
@shinythoughts and her friend plan a pyjama party at Sweet Inn’ PONTHIEU I apartment

One of the most wonderful things about girl friends is that you need nothing more to have the best night of your life. An apartment, a good bottle of chilled white wine, a tub of Häagen-Dazs, your favourite playlist, and you’re set to go! With Sweet Inn, this simple pleasure is readily accessible. Our spacious, cosy apartments are perfect for a “girls’ party” ambiance. What’s more, our concierge service can shop for you and drop it off at your apartment whenever you want. You can even place your order before you arrive- ideal for making the most out of a short girls’ getaway. And for staunch Beyoncé fans, we provide you with smartphone speakers so you’ll be able to shake your hips in the living room to the tune of “Single Ladies”. Your biggest worry will be agreeing on an ice-cream flavour!

2. A girls’ pampering getaway

Sweet Inn client in her apartment in brussels feeling like home.
@maryjosiecom snuggles up in her Sweet Inn apartment

It’s well known that a “girls’ party” between good friends often goes hand in hand with a session of relaxation and well-being. And Sweet Inn brings the Spa to you! Our bathrooms and their array of L’Occitane products will be all you need for a successful experience. Some of you will love the free manicure sets, others the range of creams. Start pampering yourself by running a hot bath, then paint your nails, and finish by moisturising your body from head to foot. After that you’ll only want to do one other thing: snuggle up under the duvet and watch a good film on TV. And, as a little extra, we provide Sweet Inn slippers just for you!

3. Enjoy room service like in a hotel

girl friends enjoying a breakfast in a Sweet Inn apartment in Paris
Girl friends enjoying the Sweet Inn delivery service in their apartment MILAN VI in Paris

We’re told time and time again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also a time for getting together with friends to start off the day on the right foot. With this in mind, Sweet Inn delivers breakfast to your door. What could be better than waiting comfortably in your bed for the doorbell to ring, and opening it to find your breakfast already prepared, smelling of deliciously fresh baking? Each city has its own menu. In Paris, for example, you can savour a traditional French breakfast: baguettes, “Bonne Maman” jams, butter, orange juice, red berries, chouquettes, pain au chocolats, croissants and yoghurts. Don’t worry about the calories- you’ll burn them during your shopping expedition!

4. Stay in the heart of town

Sweet inn clients looking out the window from their Parisian apartment at rue des Archives
@belleandbunty enjoy being in the heart of the city from their Parisian apartment ARCHIVE I

Who hasn’t dreamed of finding the man of her dreams across the hall from her chic, cosy apartment? If the rom-coms exaggerate somewhat, at least you have the sumptuous décor and the glamour right in front of your eyes. It’s a unique opportunity to transform your relentless tourism into an authentic discovery of the town. Forget public transport: the best addresses in your favourite area are only metres away from your front door. And for the more adventurous amongst you, you can hire a private Sweet Inn chauffeur who will take you wherever you fancy.

5. Make your girls’ getaway unforgettable

@AlessiaFoglia and her friends relax in their Parisian apartment MILAN I

Every experience spent with friends should be captured and kept alive in photos. On holiday, the photo-worthy opportunities are endless. But, let’s admit it, sometimes we only want to take the perfect picture to impress our friends. So here’s a heads-up for Instagram lovers: each Sweet Inn apartment is fully decorated by our interior designers with small attention to detail. With vintage furniture and designer bedside lamps, these apartments are a goldmine for those who only see life in hashtags. Take advantage of this wonderful décor to share your best moments with #sweetinntravelers!

6. Enjoy town up until the last minute

@bertolinielisabetta and her friends sit in Bubble chairs in the Sweet Inn Lobby in Paris

Departure day is always a little hard. Checkout’s at 11am and there’s usually a desperate search for that famous sock which has been lost in one of the bedrooms. But, most importantly… what on earth are you going to do with your suitcases as you wait for your flight or train? No need to panic- Sweet Inn has planned everything. Leave your cases in total security at the Sweet Inn Lobby, located in the centre of town. You’ll then be able to enjoy your last day shopping or touring worry-free. You’ll also be able to print your documents there, chat with our crew and relax in our famous Bubble Chairs.

Are you planning a girls’ getaway soon and looking for the perfect place to make it unforgettable? Discover our Sweet Inn apartments with hotel services across several European capitals.