We envision our brand as a place to make memories for life. In a world where almost everyone has access to a smartphone, we rely on you, our guests, to capture those precious moments from our vacation apartments and spread that love to the world wide web.

We admire the talent displayed by our guests and influencers, who get to live and breathe the Sweet Inn experience, and later on share glimpses of their enjoyable stay with us and their community. We can always post a nice sleek image of our stylish living room or the inviting balcony, but you are the ones who really get to live and capture the real Sweet Inn life.

To celebrate International Camera Day, we selected our favorite photos from our guests & influencers.

Lifestyle Shots

It doesn’t matter if you come to relax or to party, you do you – and we’ll take care of the rest.

lifestyle shot
www.shinythoughts.net Paris
lifestyle shot
@chicneverland Brussels

Fashion Shots

Lights, camera, action! Strike that pose for us. Our apartments made to be your canvas.

Fashion shot
@morganelay Paris
Fashion shot
@martalozanop Paris

Working at it Shots

Work hard, play harder. Because, no matter what, you can always find the time to take a nice shot.

interior shots
@selimniederhoffer Brussels
work shot
@leblogdartlex Lisbon
work shot
@therollinson Paris

Food Shot

When a simple breakfast scene becomes a remarkably realistic still-life painting.

food shot
@laugh_of_artist Barcelona

Family Shot

The photos that portray the special relationships within a family are really where the magic is. The fabric of these relationships is what creates a home away from home.

family shot
@poulettemagique Barcelona
family shot
@christine_hgp Paris

Detail Shot

Our interior designers put a lot of work and effort into making sure our guests experience a completely local feel, down to the smallest details. It is so nice to see that our guests pay attention 😉

detail shot
@leblogdartlex Lisbon
detail shot
@allyfantaisies Paris
detail shot
@sonia_grispo Brussels

Black and White Shot

Black and white breaks down a casual scene and creates a drama like no other. Can you feel it?

black and white
@nastyapopandopulos Tel Aviv

Travel Shots

What defines a photo as a ‘travel’ image? For us, it is a portrayal of a sense of wanderlust and the joy of exploring a new city and experiencing a different culture.

travel shot
Wishwishwish.net Paris
travel shot
@rsimacourbe Lisbon

Does this give you the urge to book your next trip? Start with a stylish vacation apartment.



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