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The designer Giorga Zanobini
Design Inspiration

Inside the head of a Sweet Inn interior designer

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if Giorgia Zanobini had been there, it certainly

would have gone faster!

If anyone knows the city of Rome, it’s Giorgia, our interior designer. No one could top her ability able to give the Sweet Inn apartments their special local touch.

The Sweet Inn interior designer Giorga Zanobini

Giorga Zanobini – Interior Designer @Sweet Inn Rome and Milan

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4 tips for visiting museums in Rome (pretty much for free!)

With its impressive display of churches, museums, archeological sites, monuments and gorgeous squares, Rome is often referred to as an open museum that you can enjoy for free. However, visiting museums in Rome (the top ones) could be an expensive part of your trip, especially if you are planning to book a tour, which are anything but cheap. Make the best of your visit to the main museums in the Eternal City with the following tips.

1. Arrive at the end of the month

 visiting museums in Rome like the Colosseum


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