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10-appartement-paris-marais-by sweetinn
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A Parisian holiday apartment in the Marais: a studio designed like a cocoon

holiday apartment in the Marais Paris by sweet inn

a cosy yet large bedroom

We wanted to share with you the story behind our lovely Parisian holiday apartment in the Marais. A 25m² studio that we designed like a cocoon to create a warm environment for leisure and business travellers.

This Parisian studio will please the authenticity seekers. Sophie Zaghdoun, our interior designer, created a successful combination of different styles.

In fact, she took her inspiration from the typical atmosphere of the Marais neighbourhood.

First, warm colours, graphic lines as well as Parisian boho touches compose this stylish studio! To set up a cozy atmosphere, she chose simple but chic furnitures. In addition, the graphic lines on the walls recall the attic structure.

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rui garcia image
Design Inspiration

Inside the head of a Sweet Inn designer

Rui Garcia been dabbing his feet in interior design for 16 years

(and he’s still going strong!)

Beyond his interior design-duties in Lisbon, Rui also overseeing the designs of the Sweet Inn apartments in Rome. Find out about his love for Lisbon and what actually goes into creating that special something in a Sweet Inn apartment.

The designer Rui Garcia

The designer Rui Garcia

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