One of the great things about going on vacation is the opportunity to break your familiar gym routine and explore the thrilling sights of the foreign city you’re visiting – while burning calories and building muscle tone.

So, no matter if you’re staying in a hotel or a vacation apartment, we recommend you to throw on your running shoes and go out and explore new jogging routes.

We are about to share with you one of Israel’s best kept secrets – the greatest running routes in the ultimate beach city, Tel Aviv, where you can head out for a jog at almost any time of the year.

The Boardwalk Run – 9 Kilometers


The recently renovated boardwalk starts all the way in the north of Tel Aviv in the port and winds down to the southern part of the city, where the old city Jaffa meets the new. While running this route you can bask in the enjoyable beach sights and the route ends with an impressive view of the old city’s Mosque. We recommend you start your run in the early evening hours, so by the time you reach the end of the course, you’ll see the lights of Jaffa starting to twinkle.

The Sealine Route – 7 Kilometers


For those who are up to the challenge, you can run on the beach – yes, on the sand. Start at Gordon beach in the north and end up at the graffitied dolphinarium towards the south. Throughout this route, you’ll have an even line of golden sandy beach on your right, a breeze, and beautiful people chilling out in their swimsuits to watch. We do advise caution when running past the people playing “matkot” (beach ping-pong) who populate the beach.

The Yarkon Park Route – 8.5 Kilometers

Yarkon Park

Think of this park as the Central Park of Tel Aviv, full of greenery and the Yarkon river flowing throughout. You can start from the east side of Ramat Hachayal all the way west to the Tel Aviv Port and appreciate the attractions around you, such as ducks, soccer fields, a swan’s lake, a birdwatching center and many other joggers. Almost every other kilometer there’s a convenient drinking fountain and some shady spots if you want to catch your breath. This route is perfect for those training for a marathon, as you can run back and forth on a concrete ground, but there’s also plenty of grassy areas alongside the path if you prefer.

The Urban Route – 4 Kilometers

Urban Route

This route is planned out for those who want to see the sights – and be seen. A dash between the city’s small gardens, rush past high-end boutiques and coffee shops. Start from Habima (The National Theater), and follow Rothschild Boulevard all the way down to Neve Tzedek, the first official Jewish neighborhood in Tel Aviv, which is known for its designer shops, trendy restaurants, and mini art galleries. Follow the main road, Shabazi st,  all the way to the beach. We recommend you start your run in the early hours of the evening so you can finish at the beachfront right on time to catch a colorful sunset.


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