The moment you arrive at Paris your vision is filled with temptations‭, ‬anywhere you look you are likely to find a patisserie‭ (‬a bakery that specializes in cakes and desserts‭) ‬or a‭ boulangerie‭ (‬a bakery that specializes in bread making and pastries‭) ‬in front of you‭.‬‭ Making a choice can be hard‭, ‬and while there are many famous brands there are also many small boutique patisseries‭.

I’ve been exploring Paris for the past 4‭ ‬years‭, ‬documenting‭,‬‭ ‬talking to chefs, and sampling all of their creations in an attempt at creating a huge database of all of those desserts‭. So for me, this is a great opportunity to share some of these unique places with you‭, ‬exploring the flavors and textures‭, ‬and helping you decide where to visit during your stay in Paris. ‬

Boulangerie Utopie

20‭ ‬Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud‭, ‬75011‭ ‬Paris
Boulangerie Utopie
Boulangerie Utopie: 20‭ ‬Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud‭, ‬75011‭ ‬Paris

In one of the most unique locations in the heart of Paris‭, ‬at the 11th arrondissement, there is Boulangerie Utopie‭. ‬Founded by two pastry‭ ‬chefs‭, ‬Erwan Blanche‭ ‬&‭ ‬Sebastien Bruno‭, ‬this place is a small paradise for unique and mouth-watering breads‭, ‬pastries, and desserts‭. ‬One of the most noticeable elements used in Boulangerie Utopie is the‭ “‬Charbon‭”, ‬the‭ ‬activated charcoal‭. ‬You can find charcoal in the black baguette‭, the ‬black bread, and most famously‭ ‬the‭ “‬Roulé Sésame Noir‭”, a rolled charcoal croissant dough with black sesame cream and black sesame‭. ‬It is one of the best bites in the city for sure‭: crunchy‭, ‬moist and sweet just in the right amount‭. ‬If by any chance you get there and they are out of it‭ (‬it does happen!), ‬you might want to try one of their‭ ‬other delicious creations, like the blueberry cake‭ (‬in season‭), the mango coriander tart‭, or the black sesame eclair‭. ‬

Another great bonus is when you arrive at Utopie during the weekend‭. ‬Every Saturday and Sunday they have a weekend creation‭. It could be‭ ‬a bread‭, ‬a cake, or a pastry‭, and ‬if you’re lucky enough it will be all of them‭. ‬So make sure you ask Utopie about their weekend special‭!‬

Karamel Paris

67‭ ‬Rue Saint-Dominique‭, ‬75007‭ ‬Paris
Karamel Paris
Karamel Paris: 67‭ ‬Rue Saint-Dominique‭, ‬75007‭ ‬Paris

If you’re looking for a caramel heaven on earth‭, ‬it is definitely Karamel Paris‭. ‬Founded by Nicolas Haelewyn‭, ‬a former Laduree chef‭, ‬this place is a church for the caramel lovers‭, ‬filled with everything you can dream of‭. Starting with chocolates and caramel candies wrapped individually in the sweetest way possible and with amazing flavors‭, ‬like the orange blossom caramel or the raspberry caramel‭. ‬Their pastries are also something you must try‭, ‬like the kararolls‭, ‬a wrapped brioche dough‭, with ‬hiding liquid caramel core inside and topped‭ ‬with caramel‭; ‬muesli, and nuts‭. I would also recommend trying the famous‭ “‬cookie noisette pistache,‭” ‬made with a moist cookie and topped with soft caramel‭, ‬hazelnut and pistachio pieces‭. You should also try one of the cakes Karamel has to offer‭…

‬I would definitely suggest one of my all-time favorites‭, ‬the‭ “‬tarte citron à la noisette‭”–‬a lemon hazelnut tart made with a hazelnut tart dough base‭, ‬a Madeleine biscuit soaked in lemon syrup‭, ‬lemon curd‭, ‬soft hazelnut caramel, and Italian meringue‭. ‬It has sweet and sour flavors in the exact amount‭. ‬Karamel is also a place where you can sit and have a coffee or tea along with your pastries‭ (‬which is not a common thing for patisseries in France‭), ‬and on your way out don’t forget to look up and see the‭ ‬Eiffel tower above you while your taste buds are caramelised‭.‬

Un Dimanche a Paris

4-6-8‭ ‬Cours du Commerce Saint-André‭, ‬75006‭ ‬Paris‭ ‬
Un Dimanche a Paris
Un Dimanche a Paris: 4-6-8‭ ‬Cours du Commerce Saint-André‭, ‬75006‭ ‬Paris‭ ‬

Not only that this is one of my favorite hidden allies in the heart of Paris‭, ‬it also holds an amazing pastry shop‭. Directed by chef‭ ‬Nicolas Bacheyre, a former Fauchon pastry chef‭, Un Dimanche a Paris‭ (‬A Sunday in Paris‭) ‬is one of those places you go into and forget about time‭. ‬Along the shelves filled with chocolates and French candies‭ (‬look out for the free samples) ‬you will find the cake vitrine‭, ‬displaying‭ chef Bacheyre’s creations like the Mojito cheesecake‭, ‬the Vanilla baba au Rhum, or the famous Galet‭, ‬a cake‭ ‬that looks like 2‭ ‬pebble stones stacked one on top of each other and made with caramel cremeux‭, ‬vanilla ganache‭, ‬praliné‭ ‬and pain de genes of vanilla and butter biscuits‭. ‬For the gluten-free visitors‭, ‬Un Dimanche a Paris has their changing monthly tart‭, ‬focusing on seasonal fruit and made with a gluten-free biscuit base‭. ‬

The bonus‭? Take a ‬look to your left and watch the patisserie lab people working through the giant glass‭. ‬It is hypnotising‭.‬


153‭ ‬Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine
Farine&O: 153‭ ‬Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

This small Patisserie Boulangerie in the Bastille area‭ opened in 2016‭ and ‬is the living proof that size doesn’t matter‭. ‬This small shop‭ ‬holds ‬some of the great creations you won’t find anywhere else and is orchestrated by a MOF‭ (‬Meilleur Ouvrier de France‭ – ‬the highest level of craftsmanship in boulangerie chef‭), Olivier Magne‭. ‬Using dough like origami‭, ‬this chef creates the most special pastries‭ ‬you will ever taste‭. ‬Apart from the amazing bread and delicious cakes‭ (‬lemon tart strikes again‭), ‬there are 2‭ ‬pastries that are just crazy good‭!‬

One is the‭ “‬Rosace‭”, ‬a flower looking puff pastry dough, half natural half chocolate filled with chocolate brownie and topped with‭ ‬pistachio creme brulée‭. ‬It is simply mind-blowing, unlike anything you ever tasted before. The other one is the‭ “‬Toupie‭”, ‬a lemon with a pinch of turmeric brioche dough rolled in 2‭ ‬colors and filled with a cream puff‭ (!) ‬filled with cassis confit‭.‬

Gerard Mulot

76‭ ‬Rue de Seine‭, ‬75006‭ ‬Paris

This spot has a special place in my heart‭. ‬Being the first patisserie I visited in Paris‭, I since had the honor to work there and visit it numerous times‭. ‬It is a Parisian establishment that goes back to the 70s‭. It was founded by Gerard Mulot‭, ‬creating mostly classic pastries‭, ‬cakes‭, ‬breads, and even salty food‭. You can feel the magic when you step inside‭, with ‬eye-catching creations all around you‭ and a giant lab working 24‭ ‬hours a day under your feet‭. ‬This place makes creations which are an essential part of the flavors that make Paris what it is‭. ‬I have many favorites in Gerard Mulot‭ (‬as I tasted most of them‭) ‬like the Chausson pomme‭, the tarte au citron meringuée‭, ‬the Charlotte, and the clafoutis‭. ‬But one of my all-time favorites is the Galette Frangipane‭, ‬a special‭ ‬pastry made for Epiphany only in the month of January and is worth the wait‭. ‬Made with puff pastry dough and filled with almond pistachio cream‭, ‬this pastry has the best balance of crunchy‭, ‬softness‭, ‬sweetness, and bitterness that a pastry should have‭. ‬Even if you don’t make it in January, be sure to try one of the simple pastries like the pain au chocolat or pain suisse‭. ‬

Shangri-La Hotel‭ ‬

10‭ ‬Avenue dIéna‭, ‬75116‭ ‬Paris
Shangri-La Hotel‭ ‬
Shangri-La Hotel‭: 10‭ ‬Avenue d’Iéna‭, ‬75116‭ ‬Paris

One of the most common reactions of people to luxury hotels is fearing to go in and visit them. ‬I always try to encourage Paris tourists to‭ ‬go visit hotels‭, ‬there are chefs there that will love for you to come in for a coffee and try their pastries‭. ‬While it is more expensive than a regular patisserie‭, ‬the experience is worth every cent‭. The reason I chose the Shangri-La Hotel‭ is that this hotel, directed by chef Michael Bartocetti, serves a very special tea time‭. ‬Their tea time is vegan‭! Yes yes‭, ‬French pastries and sandwiches and even scones without any eggs or dairy‭. ‬Sounds impossible, right‭? Well, chef Bartocetti made the impossible possible‭! It is a whole different experience with crunchy cookies‭ or ‬moist scones with a side of dairy-free cream and jam‭. ‬And my favorite, the‭ “‬Calisson‭”, ‬a mousse cake‭ ‬made with orange blossom mousse and apricot marmalade. It‭ ‬is the perfect solution for those of you who are vegan or lactose intolerant‭–and trust me, even if you are not all of the above‭, ‬you won’t even notice it is vegan‭. ‬A tea time experience made to perfection‭.‬

Chocolat Chapon

69‭ ‬Rue du Bac‭, ‬75007‭ ‬Paris
Chocolat Chapon
Chocolat Chapon: 69‭ ‬Rue du Bac‭, ‬75007‭ ‬Paris

Chocolat Chapon is a very special place filled with history and stories‭. ‬It was founded by Patrice Chapon‭, ‬a chocolatier that started his way as an architecture school drop-out‭, ‬soon after joining his father to work in the restaurant world discovering patisserie and later on chocolaterie‭. ‬He started out creating chocolates in his parent’s basement‭ ‬and afterward moved to a small atelier‭.‬‭ ‬

In his shop at rue du Bac, you will find‭ covering the walls‭, ‬all of his old chocolate molds in which he started his creations‭. ‬When‭ ‬you are inside this magical shop‭, ‬the first thing you want to do is explore and look at all of those amazing chocolate creations‭. ‬Be sure to taste chocolate from different countries (‬it’s free to try‭) ‬and then get the‭ “‬dome Praliné‭ ‬sel fume‭” ‬Chapons award-winning chocolate‭. ‬Another gourmet attraction is the chocolate mousse bar at the entrance of the shop‭. Filled with different chocolate mousses‭, ‬it is made with chocolates from different origins and different levels of bitterness‭. ‬One thing is for sure‭, ‬you will surely exit this small shop with a smile on your face‭ (‬and maybe some chocolate too‭)‬.

La Glacerie

13‭ ‬Rue du Temple‭, ‬75004‭ ‬Paris

For those of you who waited patiently for the ice cream part of this article‭, ‬wait no more‭! ‬You are invited to visit one of‭ ‬the most magical ice cream shops in Paris at the heart of the Marais area‭, ‬La Glacerie‭, run by chef David Wesmaël MOF‭ (‬Meilleur Ouvrier de France‭). ‬This place is a theme park for ice cream lovers‭, ‬starting with the ice cream in a cone‭, ‬conservative style ice cream eating‭ (‬the banana sorbet is amazing‭)  at the entrance of the shop‭, ‬and continuing to the ice cream cakes made with meringue‭, ‬marmalade and ice cream of course‭. ‬And on to the ice cream bar, in different flavors wrapped in crunchy chocolate ready‭ ‬for you to grab them and bite‭. ‬Every bite you’ll take at La Glacerie will assure you’re in the right place‭, ‬it is definitely ‬the correct way to eat ice cream‭, ‬and with the tube take-away system they invented‭ ‬you can do all kind of ice cream combinations at home‭, ‬if your ice cream will last that long before you eat it on your way‭. ‬

Just remember‭, ‬while these are my all-time favorite recommendations‭ ‬creations, the pastry world changes rapidly with seasons.‭ While you visit a boutique, it might not have the specific creation I mentioned above, but they will always have something to replace it along with other amazing creations‭.

This blog post was written by Tal Spiegel, owner of the successful Instagram page @desserted_in_paris

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