Paris is known for its unbeatable gastronomy and the possibilities and varieties of restaurants are endless – making it difficult to know where to go! So, being the foodie that you are, allow us to offer you suggestions on the best places to eat and drink in Paris. Relax, there’s nothing else to think about other than how content you’ll feel after experiencing these culinary delights. Bon Appétit!

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food

1. Have a traditional breakfast

Oh the joys of indulging in a typical Parisian-style breakfast, commonly known as a “Café-Croissant”. Frequently accompanied by a cup of freshly-squeezed orange juice, and proudly offered in a number of establishments, nothing is more authentic that breakfasting on the terrace of a Parisian bistrot. Believe us when we tell you that the warm exterior of a croissant, delicately dipped into a steaming espresso, is one of the morning’s greatest pleasures. To experience the real deal, visit the renowned Café Coutume situated in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food
The famous cappuccino at Café Coutume

2. Give in to the pleasure of chocolate

Though we’re not Switzerland, the French are known for producing some of the highest quality chocolate. In all its magical forms, chocolate will always be a winner –  and there are so many different ones to choose from! You absolutely must try the chocolate made by the famous chef Alain Ducasse. His artisanal shop in the Bastille will not only give you the opportunity to see the artisans at work, but you’ll also get to leave with a bag of goodies!

Chocolate made by Alain Ducasse.

3. Pâtisserie tasting

All Parisians will tell you the same: it’s impossible to name all the pâtisseries in the sugar-coated land of France! But lucky for you, certain pâtisseries combine tradition with culinary innovation; eclairs, macaroons, praline tarts – the list is endless. So, without further delay, here are 3 pastry shops you must visit to tickle your tastebuds: Pierre Hermé and his famous Ispahan, which can be devoured at the end of the Champs-Elysées; Michalak Paris and his delicious mille-feuille, to be enjoyed at Verrerie in le Marais, and finally, Pain de Sucre and its excellent feuilleté à la pomme, to be relished at 14 rue de Rambuteau in the Halles quarter.

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food
This giant macaroon by Pierre Hermé will leave you beyond impressed!

4. Enjoy a tasty glass of wine

One can’t deny that the French produce the best wines. Whether it be a simple journey of discovery or a passion for wine, the most renowned Parisian cellar master can be found at the highly regarded Legrand Filles & Fils. These winemaking masters have one of the most beautiful cellars in Paris, hidden away in the famous Palais Royal district.

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food
Legrand Filles & Fils : One of the most beautiful places to taste wine that will send your tastebuds into overdrive.

5. Be surprised by cheese

Ahhh, French cheese… a love story that has evolved and endured over the centuries – and for good reason: France has over 1200 varieties ! With every bite, the cheese releases a burst of intense flavour. If you’re ready for this unique taste sensation, Paris has hundreds of cheesemongers. However, one of the best can be found at l’île Saint Louis, at the Ferme Saint Aubin. No matter what type of cheese you seek, this place is sure to exceed your expectations. Its magnificent cheese cellars are packed with specialities from all over France: Camembert from Isigny, Saint-Nectaire, Tomme from Savoie, Brie from Meaux, Bleu d’Auvergne, goat cheese from Rocamadour, Tomme from Corsica, and so much more. We guarantee that you’ll find everything you need to create the tastiest and most varied cheese boards for your “wine and cheese” evenings!

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food
The  must-have delectable French cheeses

6. Rediscover a luxury French product : Le Foie Gras

The epitome of French luxury. You’ll find the best foie gras in Paris at Au petit Sud-Ouest. On the menu: pan-fried foie gras, terrines and canards confits.

All of this awaits you, together with a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro!

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food
Foie Gras and fig confiture with toast.

7. Dine in a traditional brasserie

The brasserie combines everything that France has to offer, and all in one place: décor, cuisine, and wine. With just one forkful, you can plunge into the true spirit of France. There’s only one spot to properly do this: the bistro Paul Bert, a veritable institution of the 11th arrondissement near the Bastille. We promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. What’s on the menu? Every day, the chef proposes a new semi-gastronomic dish that you’ll want to devour over and over again!

The 7 best places in Paris for those fond of good food
Cozy, traditional and authentic: the allure of the bistro in all its glory!

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