Tel Aviv is known to be one of the most popular summer vacation cities in the world. That’s no surprise once you see its beautiful beaches and loads of great events around the clock. But what about the rest of the year? If you think the famed White City gets dull when the seasons change, you’re in for quite the surprise when you visit Tel Aviv.

If you’re on the fence about visiting Tel Aviv in the fall, here are 8 reasons that are sure to get you in a packing mood.

1. Absolute Perfect Weather

Tel Aviv Weather

Fall is an amazing time to visit Tel Aviv, especially if you’re not used to the blistering heat of the Israeli summer. The heat waves break and you’re left with beautiful sunny days and a nice cool breeze in the evenings. While there may be a few days of rain here and there, it usually only lasts a few minutes and it’s still nice and warm anyway.

2. Less Tourists

Tel Aviv Tourists

You’re not the only one thinking it may be strange to visit Tel Aviv in the fall, but that’s actually a good thing. There are a lot less tourists in this season. Those that do visit are usually there to spend the Jewish holidays with their families, so the big attractions are practically empty. That means that you can enjoy all of the huge attractions, like the city center and the Tel Aviv Port, without thousands of tourists crowding up your day.

3. Everything is Prettier

Visit Tel Aviv in the Fall

There’s something absolutely gorgeous about this season in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv. There are trees and flowers everywhere and huge parks, so when this season comes around, you’re surrounded by breathtaking colors and beautiful leaves and petals drifting in the light wind. It sounds poetic, doesn’t it?

4. Prices Go Down

Tel Aviv Hotels

Fall is technically off-season, and that means much lower prices. All of the tourist attractions, flights, and accommodations are cheaper during this time. So you get all of the great perks Tel Aviv has to offer, amazing weather, and less crowds at a lower price. Are you looking for the next flight yet?

5. Seasonal Food

Tel Aviv Food

Israel is all about food, and Tel Aviv is packed with every kind of restaurant you can imagine. What makes it even more special is that it’s all seasonal. Fruits and vegetables really change with the season. The food you tried when you visited in the summer will be very different from the food in the winter. Don’t worry, you can get still that falafel and humus you’ve been craving all year long when you visit Tel Aviv.

6. Visit Tel Aviv for the Holiday Vibe

Tel Aviv Holidays

As we mentioned before, it’s just around the holiday season. In the fall, there are three very big and significant Jewish holidays: Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year), Yom Kippur, and Sukkoth. All three of these are an experience whether you’re Jewish or not. Not only are the streets and shops filled with a holiday vibe that’s all about food and family, but the holidays themselves are very unique. Yom Kippur, for example, is a 25-hour fast and the streets are completely empty of cars. All of the stores are closed and everyone is out on the street walking or on their bikes, usually wearing white. If you’ve never seen it, it’s amazing. Sukkoth is also quite unique as the holiday involves building a “sukkah” which is a sort of hut. You’ll see them all around the city in buildings, homes, and even restaurants!

7. Explore the Streets

Tel Aviv Streets

The quiet non-tourist season gives you a unique opportunity to feel the calm that is hiding just underneath this hectic city. Stroll the streets and discover the unique antiquity of the Jaffa Port. Visit Neve Tsedek and look at restored buildings from many years ago in a neighborhood that is considered one of the most beautiful and unique in Tel Aviv. Just go out for a stroll and discover new places, street art, boutique shops, and all of the secrets waiting for you in this city.

8. Sale Time

Visit Tel Aviv for the Shopping

Tel Aviv is filled with big fashion shops and boutique designer shops to keep the sale-enthusiast busy for days. To make things even better, fall is sale-season in Israel because of the holidays, so make sure to pack light!

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