Are you wondering where to go for a European city break with your family? Why not escape for a few days to a peaceful family apartment in the center of Barcelona ?

Ideally located near the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, this Sweet Inn vacation rental is the perfect place to relax after a busy day in this lively city.

Let’s begin the tour here!

ethnic inspiration in the Vicky Christina quiet family apartment in the center of Barcelona by sweet inn
Wooden floors add an ethnic vibe to the living room

The Design Project in a nutshell

The Concept: Design a family apartment to be colorful yet peaceful

The Area: The Eixample area near the Sagrada Familia

The surface: 65m2

Bedrooms: 3

The area around the Basilica is typical of the Eixample district with broad streets and an abundance of Catalan tapas bars and cafes. But did you know that the residential streets surrounding Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece are also very tranquil?
Such a serenity that inspired our interior designer, Naiara Pardo to design this apartment.
She managed to create a very peaceful yet vibrant place in which the entire family will instantly feel at ease.

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cozy atmosphere in the living room of the Vicky Christina family apartment in the center of Barcelona
Furniture with natural fabrics creates a cozy atmosphere

A decoration inspired by Mother Nature

In order to create a peaceful atmosphere, Naiara Pardo selected natural fabrics, such as the wooden floors across the rooms in addition to the the door frames.
Furthermore, she added an ethnical vibe to the apartment with a careful choice of furniture. The El Cortes Ingles carpet, the wooden dining table from Pib or even the cactus from Fustam are some examples.

geometric patterns for the bedrooms in this quiet Vicky Christina apartment in the center of Barcelona by sweet inn
Geometric patterns add a dynamic touch to the rooms

Geometric patterns for this family apartment

In all the rooms, our interior designer played with geometrical patterns and vibrant colors to create a cozy atmosphere. She used the range of blue in the bedrooms walls, either indigo or azure to which she contrasted geometric wallpaper frames. As a result, the rooms look wider.

Additionally, she chose yellow pieces of decoration like the bed table in the single bedroom or the pillows in the living room.

As for the accessories, she played with geometry and opted for a white round mirror in the bedroom or bed tables with soft lines.

This 3 bedroom nest can easily accommodate up to 5 people. Indeed, the spacious living-room has a large dining-table and a comfortable sofa bed. With a fully equipped kitchen, this is the perfect place for the family to reunite and relax together around a good dinner.

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graphic lines design the bedroom of the Vicky Christina peaceful family apartment in the center of Barcelona by sweet inn
Graphic lines on the walls design the bedroom

Its location, relative serenity and lack of traffic during the night all help make it a good choice if you’re after a peaceful stay in the city.

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Our concept: Stylish apartments with hotel services in the best locations

Article inspired by “ 65 m2 géométriques et colorés à Barcelone ! written by Camille Voituriez and published on Côté Maison website.

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