Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if Giorgia Zanobini had been there,

it certainly would have gone faster!

If anyone knows the city of Rome, it’s Giorgia, our senior interior designer. No one could top her ability to give the Sweet Inn apartments their special local touch.

What did you do before joining Sweet Inn?

After graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, I worked for 10 years between Milan and Rome for different projects involving interior design, exhibitions, and fashion shows.

Can you describe the design process at Sweet Inn?

Thinking of the design of an apartment has always been a hobby for me! My process always starts with finding the inspiration. It can be a color, a smell, a photo or something precise about Rome or Milan. Italy has huge contrasts; it’s a country known for its contemporary design and rich with ancient history and traditions. Once I have found the main subject of my concept, the rest comes by itself. Each apartment I designed has a unique story.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I mostly find my inspiration in the street, looking at people or colors. But I am also inspired by magazines and ideas from the internet.

The inspiring cobblestone streets of Rome.
The inspiring cobblestone streets of Rome.

How do you stay organized when you have to design multiple apartments at the same time?

In Rome, after two years, we are well organized! We have a working company, a maintenance guy and we partner with an external company to do all the work. We follow a daily schedule and keep track of everything down to the smallest detail. As far as Milan is concerned, we are now creating a team and following the same process so we will be able to make several apartments a month.

What do you like most about your job?

The photo shoot at the end! To see the apartment ready is my greatest satisfaction.

How would you describe Sweet Inn’s design in Rome and Milan? Do the apartments have the same style?

No, not really, the design depends on the neighborhood. One in the historical center will have a classic and sophisticated slant while a place in the Trastevere district will be more bohemian and cozy. As we already know, Milan is the city of excellence in design, therefore I’m trying to bring design to a more modern and cosmopolitan level.

How can we distinguish between a Sweet Inn apartment and other vacation apartments?

I would definitely say the attention to details. We are in constant search of new pieces of furniture. Each apartment is unique and has its own style so no apartment resembles another.

What have been some of your favorite Sweet Inn’s projects and why?

My favorite project was Fienaroli. It all started with a bet to make it really nice and I succeeded. It’s also, one of the clients’ favorite apartments.

What have been some of your most challenging Sweet Inn projects?

Surely Trastevere. It was very difficult to transform this apartment and the starting point was disastrous but we managed to create a stunning home!

One of the bedroom of Tsatevere, before and after!
One of the bedrooms of Trastevere, before and after!

What is your favorite Sweet Inn apartment?

 My favorite apartment in Rome is Babuino, it’s very chic and elegant. 
 Babuino- Stylish modern and elegant atmosphere.
Babuino- Stylish modern and elegant atmosphere.

What are the most inspiring places in Rome?

The historical center because it has unusual angles. Also, the entrance of the office of Priory of Malta is quite surprising. Get closer to the keyhole of the door and you’ll be able to see an unusual and spectacular shot of St. Peter’s dome, framed by a tunnel of vegetation located in an alley of the garden.

The Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica as viewed through the Knights of Malta keyhole


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